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November 4, 2013
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LF - Alain Nicholas Myrddin by The-Empty-Sky LF - Alain Nicholas Myrddin by The-Empty-Sky

casually trying to apply... :iconpapmingplz:

GDI Finished at the last 10 minutes! GAH :iconholdfeelsplz:

He's supposed to have a pet -- but I didn't finish it and there's like no time left :iconpapmingplz:



Name: Alain Nicolas Myrddin (Pronounced as "Ahleyn")

Age: 15 years old 

House: Slytherin "The house of the cunning"

Year: 4th Year

D.O.B. 9th of December

Height/ Weight: 183 cm (6.0 ft) / 83 kg

Blood Status: Half-Blood (Muggle Father, Half-Blood Mother)



Core: Dragon Heartstrings
Wood: Aspen
Lenght: 13 inches
Flexibility: Rigid

Adept at casting quickly, it is a supple wand for dueling. Although prone to backfiring...



  • Protego - The shielding charm. Deflects jinxes, hexes and curses, although it's strength relies on the caster's skill.
  • Wingardium Leviosa - Levitation charm. A basic charm mainly used for instruction purposes that causes an object to levitate at the caster's discretion.
  • Stupefy - Temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.
  • Incendio - Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand.
  • Impervius - Renders an object - often an article of clothing - impermeable to many substances and outside forces, including water. Classically used for weatherproofing.
  • Reparo - Repairing charm. Causes a broken object to piece itself back together. 



  • Care of Magical Creatures - Took it since it looked easy or so he thinks...
  • Arithmancy - His mother wanted him to take this, he's got no qualms though...
  • Earth Magic - He's quite curious about using the earth's magical properties as he's heard stories of terraforming and geomancy from his grandmother.
  • Ghoul Studies - He's fascinated by the dead and ghosts, so he took it as an extra-curricular. 



"Strike while the iron is hot..."

Being raised in a family wherein you get what you want IF you're good or quick enough has been a leading point in Alain's life. He became an opportunist and gets what he wants if he sees an opening. Although being like this made him a bit sly to the point that he manipulates another into getting his work done. Behind those glasses lie a calculating and analyzing gaze to make sure his plans go smoothly. He hates failure and would hesitate as much before striking.

"What do you want?"

His sheer stature would make people avoid him along with the fact that he lives in the shadow of his older brother, turned him a bit cold and distant, with him sitting in the end of the Slytherin table at the great hall or at a lone chair near the fireplace in the common room. Although he has some friends, most of them are mostly "tools" to him to get to do his bidding. Only a handful of people know how he really is and more rarely, those who he considers as close friends are whom who he accepts and accept him in return. 

"Slowly, but surely..."

He's actually very dedicated on his own, but his hesitant nature makes him slowly reach his ends. He doesn't like working hard but finds it hard if he doesn't, with a sigh he gets his work done, slow, yet perfectly planned. He enjoys success more so if he spends it with others, even if these "others" are mere pawns to him. 

"Shut up, or I'll hex you."

Alain developed inferiority complex due to constant comparing of him and his brother, he has grown tired and sick of all the comments and judgement about him being the "inferior" one. Due to him being a late bloomer in the art of magic, he worked relentlessly to hone his skills and get to the point where his brother's shadow isn't cast over him. 

"Forgive me... I'll just go"

Although manipulative, Alain has a side wherein if he sees he's doing something wrong he'll apologize for it. As he hates mistakes. He'll find a way to manipulate someone else with ways that would benefit him and wouldn't affect the other much how commensalism works in Biology. He's desperately longing for someone who could truly understand him.



Alain was born to muggle doctor Richard Myrddin and Auror Allison Myrddin six years after his older brother Blake on a snowy day in the 9th of December. He was healthy, too healthy in fact. His life before the age of eleven was normal unlike most magical children. His mother and grandmother initially thought that he might be a Squib as he did not display any kind of magical fluctuations like his brother when he was young. Although, this made his muggle father a bit happy as he wanted a normal child after learning the hard way. His father’s pants were set on fire accidentally by his brother by magic. His mother had a lot of hard time explaining this to him, as she herself was revealed to him as a witch, but eventually mellowed out and said that it might make this normal family a bit interesting.

On his eleventh birthday, he received an owl with a letter from Hogwarts signalling his magical latency. Much to the dismay of his father he threw the letters away as he wants Alain to live as a normal boy. He hid the letters from his wife when it came in numbers, but as all things cannot remain hidden forever, a few days letter when the letters where too much to handle his father gave up and gave the news to his mother. A bit confused, she didn’t know that Alain could do magic as there weren’t any signs at all, but since this is Hogwarts, it might be true and she sent him off with his grandmother to Diagon Alley to buy his books, robes, materials and his wand.

That was the first time Alain was introduced to magic. He was never told that magic exists and his older brother was kept silent about it. All this time he thought when he saw his brother levitating stones was just cheap tricks, but actually in fact solid proof of magic. He was eager yet his mother frowned a bit on him as he was still not able to produce any kind of magic, but his grandmother dismissed this and said that he was a late bloomer. After buying all the necessities, they headed to Ollivanders to buy his wand. Mr. Ollivander noted what a peculiar customer he was and handed him an Aspen Wand and there for the first time he displayed magic as sparks flew all over the shop.

When he arrived in Hogwarts, the sorting hat classified him to be in Slytherin. His first year was not bad at all although he had some difficulty casting spells, his wand soon felt like an extension of him and he was getting better and better as each year passed, he was not that bright, but his cunning made him manipulative to make others do his bidding. He got decent marks although almost failing in Transfiguration back in 3rd year. What he hates the most though is that he is continually compared to his older brother Blake, the professors and some older students continually barrage him with comments such as ”Why aren’t you like your brother? So smart and talented!, You’re Myrddin’s brother? , Why don’t you be like your brother this made him cringe and thus developing inferiority complex all the while he swore he’ll get better than his brother. He grew cold and distant away from the prying eyes and babbling mouths, away from all the judgement.

It started getting much worse as when he’s home for vacation, now his mother and father would not also stop comparing him brother, he was getting sick of all of this and decided to move in with his grandmother in which she took him with open arms. Alain came to her as some kind of sanctuary from all the things he’d experienced. She was the only one who could understand him.

A month before his 3rd year ends, his brother was then reported to be lost after the Myrddin household received an owl stating his situation. His father and mother wept and worried, but Alain didn’t care much at all. For once he got the limelight as the “favourite son” is now gone.

Now starting 4th year in Hogwarts, he’s grown better, cunning and sly prepared to overthrow his brother from this mental throne where he’s been caged in all his life, but he’s not going to do this alone… he’ll require help, and he’ll get them in every way he can imagine. 


  • Getting what he wants
  • Roast beef, sausages, mashed potatoes. Any food will do actually
  • Spending alone time with Seth in the spiraling towers of Hogwarts Castle
  • Flying. His first time was a blast, although he's hefty, he's quite agile when airborne
  • Drinking Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks Inn in Hogsmeade 
  • Products from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. He uses them to prank teachers from time to time 
  • Not getting what he wants, or his plans failing
  • Noisy, annoying and inquisitive people. If you're all three, he's most likely going to curse you. Literally... 
  • Although hesitant himself, he hates pessimism above all. He believes this will only lead to failure
  • People getting the best of him. He's pretty much a sore loser.
  • Being compared to his older brother


Richard Myrddin - [Father] (Muggle) works at a Muggle hospital in London. is quite surprised that his two sons and wife are magically gifted. He met Allison by accident when she was admitted to a Muggle hospital when she was injured during an investigation.

Allison Jane Myrddin - [Mother] (Half-Blood) an alumni of Ravenclaw. An Auror for the Department of Magical Law Enforcement for the Ministry. Revealed herself being a witch to her husband when Alain's older brother, Blake accidentally used underage magic.

Blake Myrddin - [Older Bother] (Presumably deceased †) an alumni of Ravenclaw. He was Head Boy when he was in Hogwarts. Works as a Curse Breaker for Gringotts. Undertook a mission to unearth gold out of a ruins in China, but hasn't returned yet to this day, his fate unknown. 

Anastasia Clementine [Maternal Grandmother] (Pure-Blood) an alumni of Ravenclaw. Used to work as a Healer at St. Mungo's before retiring. Alain prefers to spend his summer at her place than his parent's house. 

Nicholas Clementine [Maternal Grandfather] (Half-Blood) [Deceased †] an alumni of Slytherin. Used to work in the Daily Prophet as an editor. Died of natural causes. Alain was named after him. 



TBA as if this fatass is going to have any //awkward laugh



  • His family is either rich nor poor, just quite "right"
  • He casted the Impervius spell on his glasses so he'd never have to bother cleaning the smudges on it. Although a weird side effect of this is that his glasses will always repel light hiding whatever is underneath. 
  • His grandmother is the closest person to him. She's also the one who took him shopping in Diagon Alley when he received his letter
  • Is the 2nd Slytherin in his family's line after his grandfather. Most were sorted in Ravenclaw
  • Is perfectly fine knowing he's half-blood, what he's not is those who aren't fine with it... 
  • He brings muggle objects to school sometime such as a lighter, books filled with drawings in a different language a.k.a. Manga, an Ipod (although it malfunctions severely) some of his classmates find this as a kind of "muggle magic"
  • The subjects he excels in mostly are Herbology and Potions. He might want to become a Healer someday.
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